Postdoc positions in SZU-NUS Collaborative Innovation Center


Postdoc positions in SZU-NUS Collaborative Innovation Center (Posted on 28, Aug. 2014):

The“Advanced Catalysis & Energy Materials” research group under Prof. Loh Kian Ping (NUS) and Dr. Chenliang SU (SZU) from the Shenzhen University-National University of Singapore Collaborative Innovation Center has several opening Post-Doctoral positions.

1. Introduction of the group:

The SZU-NUS collaborative innovation center was founded on 13 June 2014 to do world-class research in material science, integrating the research strengths of NUS and SZU. The postdocs will be co-supervised by a professor of NUS and a professor of SZU, and will do research in NUS and/or SZU labs. The news of the collaborative center :

1 st-Principal Investigator (NUS) Prof. Kian Ping LOH

Associate Editor : Chemistry of Materials

Personal website :  


Co-Principal Investigator (SZU) Dr. Chenliang SU

PhD: Zhejiang University ( 2005-2010 )

Research Fellow: National University of Singapore (2010-2014)

Professor: Shenzhen University (2014 Sep.-)

Background of research field :

a. Carbo-catalysis & Heterogeneous-catalysis & Photo-catalysis

b. Organic battery

c. Biomass conversion

d. 2D Organic materials


2. Research areas (1-2 postdoc positions for each area):

  • 2D-Covalent Organic Framework (COF)

The positions require the applicants with background in the synthesis of COF.

  • Sustainable Catalysis of Organic Reactions:

Carbocatalysis; Heterogeneous catalysis; Photocatalysis; Biomass Conversion etc.

The positions require the applicants with organic or material catalysis background.

  • Novel Catalytic Materials: MOF; 2D-Materials; Porous organic polymer (POP); metal nanoparticles etc.

The positions require the applicants with organic or material synthesis background.

  • Lithium or Sodium Battery (Organic Material & Inorganic material).

The positions require the applicants with battery or organic background.


3. Conditions of candidates:

PhD degree in materials science, synthetic chemistry, polymer, battery or related fields.

Good publication record in SCI journals.

4. Salary and duration:

Duration: 2 years

Salary: 180K-240K RMB/year(40K-50K SGD/year) depending on the experience of the candidate

Opportunities after the postdoc program:

The outstanding postdoc can be recommended to a position in SZU.

100k RMB start-up funding if working in Shenzhen city.

800k RMB housing subsidy, if meets the condition of “back-up talent program” of Shenzhen City. Candidates who have worked overseas for more than one year can apply for the “Peacock program” of Shenzhen City, and will be eligible for 800K-1000k RMB housing subsidy, and 3-5M RMB start-up funding if employed in Shenzhen University.

News about increasing salary of postdocs in Shenzhen city:

5. Application documents:


BS and PhD certificates

Representative published papers

Recommendation letter of supervisor

6. Deadline:

June 31, 2015

7. Contact:

SZU-NUS collaborative Innovation Center for optoelectronic Science & Technology

Dr. Chenliang Su

Email: (Chinese mainland) . (Oversea)

Prof. Loh