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The Carbon Convergence Technology Laboratory, headed by Professor Loh Kian Ping, is one of the central facilities in NUS developing characterisation, synthesis and processing methods for graphene and nanocarbon materials in Singapore. We develop wafer scale graphene and 2-D films growth and transfer technologies, as well as large scale solution processing technologies for 2-D films and graphene, and their applications in membranes for environmental applications and energy storage.


Job Vacancies

Prof Loh Kian Ping gave a plenary talk to the Institute of Basic Science Research Consortium in UNIST, Korea on 18 November 2015.

Professor Loh Kian Ping has been appointed the prestigious Provost's Chair Professor! Congratulations!

Professor Loh Kian Ping received 2014 President's Science Award! Congratulations!


Prof Loh Kian Ping has been appointed associate editor of the ACS journal Chemistry of Materials.

Prof Loh Kian Ping won the 2013 American Chemical Society Nano Lectureship award.

Professor Loh Kian Ping organised New Diamond and Nanocarbon Conference NDNC 2013.

"Graphene Photonics, Plasmonics, and Broadband Optoelectronic Devices" Qiaoliang Bao, Kian Ping Loh is one of the most read article in ACS NANO in 2012

International Postdoctoral Fellowship Available




1. Research fellow in CVD growth of graphene and transfer technology of graphene, click for details.

2. Postdoc positions available in SZU-NUS Collaborative Innovation Center on 2D-Covalent Organic Framework, Novel Catalytic Materials and more, click link to read details.

3. Membrane transport, desalination and gas diffusion studies.

4. Expert in UHV STM (more than four years of experience with a PhD degree).

Please send your CV to chmlohkp@nus.edu.sg for more details and job application review process.