One successful patent awarded by USA

US Patent Application No. 14/344,040
Title: Methods of Nondestructively Delamination Graphene From A Metallic Substrate
ILO Ref: 11246N-PCT/US. Inventors KP LOH et. al.


Two successful patent awarded by USA

US Patent Application No. : 14/407,409
Title: Porous Graphene Oxide Materials
ILO Ref: 11401N-PCT/US
Issued on 10 November 2015.
Patent no. 9,180,442 based on application number 14/407,409

US Patent Application No. 13/522,636
Title: Superhydrophilic and Water-Capturing Surfaces
ILO Ref: 09255N-PCT/US
Issued on 6 October 2015.
Patent no. 9,150,735 based on application number 13/522,636



Professor Loh  Kian Ping has successfully attracted 1 million US funding from investment funds in North America and spin off GRAPHITE ZERO, a company specialising in Graphene Scale Up and Processing, targeting the Energy, Coatings and Advanced Composite Industries. GRAPHITE ZERO has formed partnerships with industries and academic institutes to jointly co-develop the patented high energy graphene material.  Through strategic maneuvers, the company is on track to secure additional million dollar funding in June 2012. Graphite Zero has office and lab facilities in Science Park II in Singapore.


Professor Loh Kian Ping is partnering US Air Force, Singapore Defence Organisation and Singapore Technology Kinetics to co-develop Graphene composites and to put Singapore on the world map of coatings and composites.


Team members from Professor Loh Kian Ping's group, Dr Bao Qiaoliang and Dr Wang Shuai, have both secured the prestigious Young 1000 talent program in China and have been offered Full Professorships in China in 2012.

[2012-12-20] Probing the Catalytic Activity of Porous Graphene Oxide and its Origin


[2012-08-16] Fluorinated Graphene for Promoting Neuro-Induction of Stem Cells