America Chemical Society Forum in Nanomaterials for Energy and Life Science, Yonsei University and Seoul National University. 2019, September 30-October 1, Seoul, South Korea

Keynote Lecture, Professor Kian Ping Loh


Graphene 2018, June 26-29, Dresden, Germany

Invited Talk: Large Area Pseudomagnetic Field on Graphene Professor Kian Ping Loh


Polymat 2018, June 26-30, San Sebastian, Spain

Plenary talk:  2D Polymer and 2D covalent organic framework Professor Kian Ping Loh

Plenary Lecture at the 4th International Conference on Advanced Electromaterials, Jeju, Korea, Nov 21 - 24, 2017

"Growth Studies on 2d Transition Metal Dichalcogenides" Professor Kian Ping Loh


XXXVI Reunión Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Química (Biannual meeting of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry), Sitges, Spain

Session S1: Graphene    

Invited Speaker: Prof Loh Kian Ping  25-29 June 2017 Speaking on "Graphene Carbocatalysts"


11th New Diamond and Nano Carbon Conference 2017, Cairns, Austrialia, 28 May - 1st June

Plenary speaker Prof Loh Kian Ping, speaking on "A chemist's perspective on 2D materials"  


MANA International Symposium, Tsukuba Japan, 1-2 March 2017

Keynote Speaker, Prof Loh Kian Ping Speaking on " Large Area Growth of 2D Materials".

  • Plenary speech at IBS research Conference 2015, "From 2D Carbon to 1D MoS2: Synthesis and Atomic Characterization"

Prof Loh Kian Ping gave a plenary talk to the Institute of Basic Science Research Consortium in UNIST, Korea on 18 November 2015.


Invited speaker at Graphene 2013, "Interesting properties of Strained and Defective Graphene"

Professor Loh  Kian Ping was an invited speaker at Graphene 2013 meeting, Imaginano Bilbao Convention Centre, Spain, Bilbao, 22/04/2013-26/04/2013.


Invited speaker at ACS symposium on Graphene Chemistry, "Graphene Oxide as Carbocatalysts"

Professor Loh  Kian Ping was an invited speaker at ACS symposium on Graphene Chemistry, Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, USA. 9/04/2013-10/04/2013.