Research activities of Loh’s 2D Quantum Materials Convergence Technology group


1.Synthetic Van Der Waals Quantum Materials
Correlated physics in Van Der Waals Quantum System; Synthesis and design of new Organic-Inorganic Hybrid 2D Crystals for Spin Tunneling; Synthesis and Design of All Organic 2D Crystals for flexible Dielectrics and Ferroelectrics; Atomic scale imaging of ferroic domains.

2.Spin-orbitronics in Two Dimensional Quantum Materials
Investigating the coupling of spin obit interactions with symmetry and ferroic orders. Rashba ferroelectrics. Berry Curvature dipoles.

3. Single Atom Catalysts and Porous materials for Carbon and Hydrogen Cycle
Physical chemistry of Single and bi-atom catalysis and defect engineering for energy conversion; Dynamics of ion transport in 2D covalent organic frameworks for solid state electrolytes

4. Graphene and polymer chemistry for Membrane Technology
Industry partnership for Graphene Membrane Technology; Engineering porosity in membranes for high flux

5. Chemical Vapor deposition of Wafer Scale Nano-diamond films for semiconductor industry
Industry partnership for wafer scale diamond film deposition and dry seeding technology