Lab Facilities

Our laboratories are located on the level 14 of MD1, CREATE campus (UTOWN), and Basement, S7 in Chemistry Department.
Bruker multimode 8 AFM in MBraun Glove Box

ICP-CVD system (with E-beam evaporator; for 8-inch wafer)



HREELS (High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy)
Mantis integrated MBE/XPS/Glovebox system

Transfer carousel for MBE/XPS/Glovebox


Left: MBE
Right: Thermal/Ebeam evaporator

XPS-STM (Specs XPS/ARPES adjoined to STM)
Park AFM (Atomic Force Microscope)



LT-STM (Omicron Low Temperature STM with preparation chamber)
UNISOKU 1300 STM (11 Tesla and 0.4K)

UNISOKU 1300 STM (11 Tesla and 0.3K)


Si(111)-7x7 taken using our UNISOKU 1300